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Recharge & Bill Payments

Recharge billers are pre-paid billers whose services you must pay for, before you can use them. You can log into your account and recharge your DTH or mobile online with the amount you desire or choose from a variety of plans we have to offer.

Features and Benefits

  • MAB – Rs. 5000 (Metro & Urban), Rs. 2500 (Semi Urban), Rs. 500 (Rural)
  • International Debit cum ATM Card
  • Free five ATM transactions at other Bank ATMs at Non Metro Locations
  • Pass-book facility

Account Advantage

  • Faster transfer of funds
  • Online options to pay your bills or tax
  • Good options to grow money at attractive interest rates Instant Banking
  • International Debit Card
  • Demand drafts and Pay order
  • Easy Payments
  • Bank on the Move
  • Profit from your Account
  • Value Added Services
  • Travel and Gift Solutions

How To Apply

Get a Super Saving Account in 3 easy steps.

01. Get In Touch

Call on our Phone Banking numbers Toll Free -

02. Visit Our Branch

Visit the nearest branch.

Find the Nearest Branch
03. Receive a Call Back

Our representative will contact you at the earliest.


You need to maintain an Monthly Average Balance (MAB) of Rs. 5000 in the Super Savings Account for Metro & Urban Branches, Rs. 2500/- for semi urban Branches and Rs. 500/- for Rural Branches.

Interest @ 3% pa is applicable on the Super Savings Account.

When is interest credited to super saving account:Sb interest is credited quarterly.